Indoor Lawn Bowling


Played on carpet in a facility that is the same size dimensions as an outdoor rink. The greens are usually faster on an indoor facility and can run from anywhere between 14-17 seconds. Known more as a finesse game as the rules change slightly to ensure no burnt ends. We are lucky here in British Columbia as we have the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club and Qualicum Beach LBC. The two Clubs give Bowlers in BC the opportunity to play Bowls all year and also the ability to introduce the Sport to a winter audience.


Pacific Indoor Bowls Club: Built and completed in September 2005, PIBC moved into the Millennium Sport Facility. The new space is equipped with all the amenities expected of a world-class facility: it’s perfect for everyone, from a lawn bowling novice to the Indoor World Champion. The facility has a World class surface, seamless surfacing is perfect for beginners looking to learn the sport and experts looking to refine their skills. The PIBC is home to the Canadian Indoor Championships and has hosted International events.

  • Pro Shop – Products include Henselite bowls and clothing
  • Seating – Comfortable stadium-style seating with an excellent view of all six rinks
  • Accessibility – Ramps and stairs provide everyone with easy access to facilities
  • Member Lounge – With 50″ widescreen HDTV with satellite feed and a great view of all six rinks, the lounge is an excellent place to watch a match or to shoot the breeze after.

Qualicum Beach LBC: The indoor green was completed in 2007.  They have the only indoor and outdoor facility in North America.  There are 3 regulation sized indoor greens that provide their club members and other Vancouver Island clubs with year round bowling.  Daily leagues and open bowling along with various tournaments are held throughout the winter season.


Short Mat: Is an all-year sport unaffected by weather conditions and it does not require a permanent location as the rink mats can be rolled up and stowed away. This makes it particularly appropriate for small communities as it can be played in village halls, schools, sports and social clubs. Some Clubs around the Province play all year but specifically use this form of Bowls for the winter months inside their Clubhouse.

Carpet Bowls: Is a variation of indoor Bowls and are delivered from an 18-inch-wide (460 mm) space at the front of the carpet. The Jack is 2.5 inches in diameter (the same as for Indoor Bowls) and is placed on a centre line 3–6 feet from the end of the carpet. The bowls are small playing surface is 30 x 6 feet.