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Pricilla Westlake (TLBC) of Delta, British Columbia is a rising Lawn Bowls star and is quickly making a name for herself on the International scene. She has more stamps in her passport then it can handle and will add another one as she heads back out overseas to Australia as she tries to add more hardware to her already stunning collection of Medals.

This page is dedicated to the 21-year-old Kwantlen University journalism student as we follow her adventures to the World Cup March 14-22 with Hirendra Bhartu (BC) and the World Youth Championships March 27 – April 2nd with Lucas Caldwell (ON). We will be able to look in on how she and her other teammates are doing both on and off the greens with articles, pictures and videos as she chases the dream of becoming a World Champion!

Check back when she heads off to her first stop at the Warilla Bowls Club in Barrack Heights NSW, Australia for the World Cup where she will once again hit the carpet looking to improve on her impressive Bronze Medal from last year.

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NEW POST – Playoff Time…

Its been a great week of Bowls in Broadbeach and having played well through the Round Robin play earned some playoff rounds. First up I had Norfolk Island and had to beat them to get into the Quarter Final game which I played against New Zealand. In a back and forth game I was able to keep my composure and win 21-16. Today I am playing Chloe Steward from Australia and will have to continue to play my best. One bowl at a time and will do my best to win. Thanks for all the support from everyone as it means a lot.!

Day #3 Storms Have Arrived…

Yesterday because of the stormy wet weather we got rained out on our last game of the day and because it’s storming so bad, the tournament organizers and directors decided in a meeting last night to play as many of the mixed pairs games as possible today at the indoor at Tweed Heads. It’s a great facility and holds many of the major tournaments in Australia, including the Australian Indoor Singles Championships.

Yesterday I played three games and won the three. I beat Botswana and Papua New Guinea in two tight singles games. And then Luke and I beat Scotland in the mixed pairs.

The new Clubhouse at Broadbeach has been great to experience along with the members, as they have been kind to all the players. Both on and off the greens competitors have been fantastic and its been a blast meeting so many new people from all over the World. On to the next round and going to keep on rolling!

Day #2 – Another Great Day For Bowls

Pricilla & Robbie Law (MB)

In the morning I beat Wales. Then I beat Cook Islands in singles. Luke and I beat Hong Kong China and then we beat Malaysia. In the mixed pairs Today I am really going to focus on having decent first and second bowls to set myself and my teammate up really well in terms of potential for success with each bowl, each end, and in each game. More updates to follow as we continue on in the event – spirits are up and everyone is playing hard on the greens!


Day #1 – BroadBeach LBC

It’s nice to be back at Broadbeach Bowls Club and even better to see so many familiar faces.  It has been great seeing Canadian’s again and catching up with old friends here at the 2017 WYC. The weather for day one of competition was phenomenal, it was sunny and hot, with blue skies all day, a perfect day for Bowls.

I was happy how I played in my first game as won my opening game against Hong Kong China. In round #2 I had a bye, so I consider that a win. We started to play Mixed Pairs as part of the tournament will be Lucas and I playing Pairs throughout the week. We lost our first game to Australia/Malta, but bounced back to beat Guernsey/Jersey. Today I will be playing Wales then Cook Islands in singles today. Thanks to everyone for the messages as its been great to have such fantastic support throughout my trip!

World Youth Championships

Today is Sunday, March 26th, 2017 and we’ll be attending the opening ceremony of the 2017 World Youth Championships this evening at 6 pm. In the meantime, we will train in the morning and spend time together as a team this afternoon before the ceremony. Today will be the start of week two for some of our bowlers and for myself, it is day three here at Broadbeach, QLD. I very much look forward to getting some solid draws in this morning and afternoon during training as we prepare for the week of competition.

Day #6 – End of Round Robin

I had one game yesterday. It was with Steph from Malta. She beat me in straight sets. Today I had my last two games of the tournament. I beat Botswana in straight sets and then lost to Carmen Anderson, the defending champion, representing Norfolk Island. I had a great tournament here against some of the nicest and most talented bowlers from all over the world. Now for three more days watching quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals here at Warilla at the 2017 World Indoor Singles Cup.

Day #5 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday I played Spain at 10:30am on rink 2 and managed to win in straight sets. I’d been having a bit of difficulty finding my regular delivery for some reason. However, I found my delivery this time and got into a rhythm with my draw weight. Subsequently, felt a lot more comfortable this game than I did in any other match.

Following that match I played Brunei at 4:30pm on rink 1. I didn’t think I’d win the first set since I was down three going into the last end and needed four to win, but I drew four relatively close bowls onto the jack. She tried drawing with her first two and firing with her last two, but missed. And although it was St. Patrick’s Day my luck was not the greatest during this game. I would be holding two and draw for another one and accidentally be way too narrow and hit her short bowl up two feet and send it right onto the jack. Or I would clip her wing bowl in for shot. Or throw a runner and hit only my own bowls off the rink, instead of hers or the jack for the re-spot. But I plugged away and drew close and had a couple good running shots in there where I scored a one and a four and I managed to win both sets. I enjoyed playing Brunei, she’s quite sweet and friendly.

 *Side note: Yesterday was laundry day and I managed to wash my earbuds and my schedule I had written up for myself on a scrap piece of paper. The earbuds still work 🙂  But my schedule was in little pieces all over my clothes. Lesson for the day…check your pockets P.

Day #4 – Moving Along

This afternoon I played Guernsey who beat me in straight sets. The first set was a bit of a runaway, however the second set was a lot better. I was up 7-6 going into the ninth end of the second set and she drew the shot bowl to the right and slightly behind the jack. I had two seconds to the left of the jack and needed only to rest the shot bowl out one roll to be lying shot and make it into the tie breaker. My bowl did touch her shot bowl but only moved it about a centimeter and it remained the counter. We tied the second set 7-7 and that was the end of the game. At 8:30pm Macau China and I had a game in which I won straight sets. In the morning I play Spain at 10:30am. Followed by Brunei at 4:30pm.

Day #3 – Gaining Experience

This morning I played Natasha Scott who is representing Australia. I think I played relatively well, but towards the end of the game, I struggled a bit with my weight. I also started off by dropping a four in the first end of the first set, (I know, brutal)but I managed to regain my footing getting the second shot on five or six ends. I was able to draw right around bowls that were six inches in front of the jack to drop four bowls right on the jack in one or two ends on my forehand coming back towards the clubhouse, picking up a couple ones and a two. I felt really good about some of my draws and my draw weight and trusted my bowls to come all the way back to the jack on line and with the right weight during the first set. I have to say it was wonderful to be able to play against Natasha Scott. She’s quite a good bowler and a nice person and she’s also my roommate here at the cabins in Warilla. Obviously given the scores of both sets I need to be a lot more consistent and steady and also have confidence in myself. Despite the result it was a fantastic opportunity to play against one of Australia’s best bowlers at this tournament and I’m super grateful and feel very privileged to be representing Canada in this tournament. Onto the next game now in an hour and a half against Hong Kong China on rink 7 at 2:30pm this Wednesday March 15th, 2017.

In the afternoon I played Queenie Lai who is representing Hong Kong China. I won this game in straight sets. I really focused and buckled down in this game from start to finish and it definitely paid off. Queenie was a gem to play against and showed exemplary sportsmanship.

We became quick friends during the first training day pre-competition since she offered me two snacks when I was hungry. I was like yeah we can be friends – P.

Day #2 – Competition Day

Hirendra is on this morning at 8:30am and I will be playing this afternoon. Check back for updates as its going to be a great first day of competition! Twitter: Pricilla Westlake – Tweet Me!

DAY #1 – Here We Go!!!

Day one of travel and training complete at the Warilla Bowls and Recreation club, in New South Wales, Australia. #lawnbowls #lawnbowling #worldindoorcup Photos on: Pricilla Bowls – Instagram