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Bowls BC, in partnership with Bowls Clubs around the Province is focused and dedicated to the growth and development of the Sport of Lawn Bowling. Working with Provincial Cubs to introduce lawn bowling to create a thriving healthy community for the Sport of Lawn Bowls. Bowls BC believes in values that inspire confidence in our decisions and reflect a shared commitment and passion for growing the Sport of bowls.​

Strategic Plan:

Bowls BC Strategic Plan: Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023about_eg

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Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) and Disability Sport Organizations (DSO) are not-for profit organizations that are recognized by their National Sport Organization as the governing body for their sport in the province. In B.C. there are 53 Accredited Provincial Sport Organizations and 7 Accredited Disability Sport Organizations ensuring quality experiences for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. Clubs that belong to a PSO are committed to meeting the standards of a quality sport experience.  Go to the PSO/DSO Partners page for a complete listing of PSOs and DSOs that are recognized by viaSport.

The role of the PSO is to:

  • Lead, develop and promote the sport within the province
  • Provide training and professional development for coaches and officials
  • Set standards for quality control (coach training, safety, competition, etc.)
  • Sanction and host competitions and tournaments
  • Nominate high performance athletes to receive access to services through Canadian Sport Institute Pacific
  • Determine the team that represents the province at National competitions
  • Provide members access to services (e.g – insurance)

What Is viaSport?

At viaSport, we believe that all British Columbians deserve equitable opportunities to develop and realize their potential through sport – as an athlete, coach, official or volunteer.

To grow participation, viaSport:

  • Leads social innovation with partners to research and pilot changes required to make sport more inclusive.
  • Emboldens and enables sport leader capacity through education, evaluation and standards.
  • Collaborates across sectors to leverage investment.

The role of viaSport is to:

  • Evaluate PSOs against minimum standards for accreditation in order to receive government funding
  • Manage government’s investment in PSOs
  • Build the capacity of PSOs to achieve standards through program and professional development, knowledge mobilization, and consulting services
  • Empower and support sport organizations with the tools and resources to effectively resolve disputes


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