All Youth Matter Inclusion Training

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Is your sport or community organization looking to make inclusion a priority?

viaSport invites you to host an All Youth Matter Inclusion Training for your community. As a leader, you are a primary influencer of an inclusive environment. Ensure your programs, workplaces and communities are safe, inclusive and welcoming for underserved youth.

All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training

Based on deep consultation with nearly 250 youth and over 100 inclusion experts, viaSport’s All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training was developed to equip sport and recreation leaders to make a difference in the lives of diverse youth in their community.

Through the four-hour workshop, participants learn about the factors that contribute to an inclusive environment, how to identity and address barriers and biases, and steps to take to intervene and stop discrimination. In addition, participants are provided with tools, techniques and best practices to create inclusive sport, recreation and physical activity experiences for youth from underserved or marginalized populations.

Participants also receive:


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