BC Senior Teams Head To Calgary For Canadians

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Our BC Senior Teams are ready to go as they are prepped and awaiting the start of the 2018 Canadian Senior Triples Championships, being held this year in Calgary Alberta. Teams from across the Country have gathered for a week of Bowls, Friendship and a great time on the greens.

This year British Columbia will have two teams for both the Men’s and Women’s division, as BC A and BC B will be in full force.

You can follow all of the action throughout the tournament on the Bowls Canada website, where the results and standings will be posted each day: 2018 Canadian Senior Triples Championships

Best of luck to all the Bowlers at this years event.


About The Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club as part of Lawn Bowls Alberta follows the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD).  In doing so we recognize that bowlers can start at any age and move through the stages at different rates.  We help our members be active for life and have activities suited to the different levels of bowlers; recreational bowlers who just want to be active and enjoy the sport, competitive bowlers who want to be active, enjoy the sport and compete as well as very competitive bowlers who also want to play at international levels.



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