BC Society Set To Change For 2016

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BC-GovlogoBC Societies Act – Big Changes Ahead for BC sport organizations!

Change is on the horizon and Lawn Bowling Clubs across the Province should be aware that this is coming your way. Bowls BC is working on more information and will have that out to all the Clubs shortly.

The new BC Societies Act is expected to come into force within 18 months (by November 2016) and will replace the existing BC Society Act – the legislation under which sport organizations in BC are incorporated. The new Act is expected to introduce many changes to how sport organizations in BC operate. Organizations will have two years to transition once the new Act is ‘in force’.

The BC Societies Act is a ‘made-in-BC’ piece of legislation that evolved after the provincial government hosted information sessions and received over 200 unique submissions in response to the proposed Act. The new Societies Act is very different from other new not-for-profit Acts including the federal NFP Act and Ontario’s ONCA.

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