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Bowls BC is aware that many of our clubs have a desire to start inter-club (in-house) competitions.  These competitions are classified as Phase 2 bowling by Bowls BC and viaSport and Phase 3 bowling by Bowls Canada.  Please see the below chart for a comparison of terminology between Bowls BC/viaSport and Bowls Canada.

  viaSport and Bowls BC Bowls Canada
Phase 1 Practice, Training and Coaching for members only. BCB RTP Phase 1 – training and practice only


Phase 2 Intra-club games. Limited Spectators BCB RTP Phase 2 – modified local games


Phase 3 Inter-club games.  Limited Spectators BCB RTP Phase 3 – intra club games


Phase 4 Provincial and National Championships. BCB RTP Phase 4 — regional/provincial competition (inter-club games)


While Bowls BC is progressing into Phase 2 bowling, it must be emphasized that Bowls Canada has not yet developed their inter-club procedures.  BC is ahead of most of the remainder of the other jurisdictions with respect to inter-club bowling.

WARNING:  We must remind all clubs that no club has yet been accepted for interclub competitions by Bowls BC which means that, at this time, any club that is conducting inter-club bowling is in non-compliance with the Bowls BC Guidelines and is jeopardy of not being protected by the Ministerial Directors and Officers Liability exclusion.  The main condition of the Ministerial Order is that each club MUST be in compliance with the PSO (Bowls BC) policies/Guidelines.

The purpose of this notice is to advise clubs of the Guidelines and processes that must be developed before any club can commence with inter-club competitions.


PREREQUISITES for Phase 2 Bowling:

Before any club can implement Phase 2 bowling they must have successfully completed the prerequisites outlined below.

  1. The club must have developed and submitted compliant Guidelines for Phase 1 bowling,
  2. The Phase 1 guidelines must be approved by the club Board of Management in a board motion,
  3. The clubs must have successfully implemented their Phase 1 guidelines for a minimum of two weeks,
  4. The clubs must submit their Phase 2 guidelines on a separate and distinct document for review by Bowls BC prior to implementing Phase 2 bowling.

A few of the issues that must be addressed by the clubs for Phase 2 bowling include, at least:

  1. Procedures for conducting the draws, (phone-in or online registrations),
  2. Types of games (singles, pairs, cutthroat, etc.).  We are not permitting triples games at this time,
  3. Number of jacks in use and the procedures for delivering the jacks,
  4. Use of pushers (rakes), mats, benches and their sanitizing procedures, if used,
  5. Length of games (maximum number of ends or maximum time),
  6. Physical distancing, sanitizing, rink use, etc, same as Phase 1,
  7. Procedures for measuring wining shots (1 person only with personal tape),
  8. Use of kitchen or other facilities with sanitizing procedures,
  9. Visitors/Spectators:
  10. a)Clubs can sign-up new members, however, active solicitation is not allowed.
  11. b)The clubs must specify the maximum number of bowlers, volunteers and spectators that will be allowed on the property (not on each green).  At present the PHO restricts the number to a maximum of 50 people, however, the clubs might want to make that number fewer.
  12. c)The club guidelines must require that all bowlers, volunteers and spectators complete one initial Waiver and a Symptom Screening form every time they enter the property.
  13. d)The location(s) for spectators to sit must be identified,
  14. e)The Guidelines must either require spectators to bring their own seating or include sanitation procedures for club seating (benches, chairs, etc),
  15. f)Visitors/Spectators must be recognized/registered as club members.

Procedure for Submitting the Club Phase 2 Guidelines:

  1. Phase 2 Guidelines must be submitted and reviewed prior to inter-club competitions being introduced.  Clubs are NOT to implement Phase 2 bowling until they have reviewed the Bowls BC checklist results and have made any required amendments to their Guidelines.
  2. Amend the Club’s Phase 1 Guidelines to incorporate any changes as a result of Phase 2 bowling.
  3. Create a separate and complete Guideline document for Phase 2.  Do not just add a separate page to your existing Phase 1 Guidelines.  Each club must have a complete Phase 2 document.
  4. On the header of page 1 of your Phase 2 Guideline put the following information: (Name of Club)

“Phase 2 Guidelines”

(date approved by club Board) – approval motion does NOT need to be submitted.

  1. Send the completed Phase 2 Guideline document to:
  1. Put in the Subject box of your email the following title: (club name LBC)-Phase 2 Guidelines
  1. Bowls BC will develop a checklist and review each club’s Phase 2 Guidelines.
  2. Bowls BC will send the completes checklist to the person who emailed the Guidelines to Bowls BC.
  3. If the club has already submitted Phase 2 Guidelines, please re-submit under the above procedures.
  4. Allow one week for the Bowls BC review to be conducted.

We understand that bowlers want to be on the greens and competing with other bowlers.  Bowls BC is taking the continuing risk of the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously.  The medical profession is just now beginning to understand the on-going and lingering health problems that COVID-19 sufferers have to deal with.   Lawn bowlers are generally in the high risk category and we are fortunate that we are able to lawn bowl at all.  We will be progressing slowly into the various viaSport Phases.  We ask that all clubs and their members be patient, we are not going to subject our members at undue risk.

Regards and Good and Safe Bowling.

Harry Carruthers

Bowls BC President
Tel: 604-985-2241
Cell: 604-916-1101

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