Bowls BC Registers With The Criminal Records Review Program

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The Criminal Records Review Act ensures that people who work with or may potentially have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults undergo a criminal record check by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).

A person whose criminal record suggests they present a risk of physical or sexual abuse to children or a risk of physical, sexual or financial abuse to vulnerable adults will not have access to these groups. To support British Columbia’s non-profit sector, volunteer organizations that are not covered by the act, but which have volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults, can have criminal record checks done by the CRRP for free.


Children-Under the age of 19

Vulnerable Adult- as defined in the Criminal Records Review Act: An individual 19
years or older who receives health services, other than acute care, from a
hospital, facility, unit, society, service holder or registrant referred to in the CRRA.

Read Full Document: CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK.docx 2018

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