Bowls BC Rejects Bowls Canada Format Changes…

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The Board of Bowls B.C. rejects the process used by BCB (Bowls Canada) to make their decisions about the changes being distributed across Canada. This is due to the exclusion of the Provincial Sport Organizations, (like Bowls BC) thereby showing a lack of transparency and inclusivity. Bowls BC wants the whole process to begin again from scratch at which time all the many details can be reconsidered.

“As you are probably aware, Bowls Canada has made some dramatic changes to the National Championships which are scheduled to go into effect in 2024. The changes have created many disagreements with both the process used by Bowls Canada to arrive at their decisions as well as the decision derails which results in the elimination of several of the existing Championships and the format changes to others. All the Provincial Sorts Organizations (Bowls BC, etc.) have been asked by Bowls Canada to respond to the National Championship eliminations and format changes. Bowls BC has responded, as have other PSOs.  The Bowls BNC submission is below.  Bowls Canada will be reviewing all the submissions to determine whether or not to proceed with or to make some changes to their original decision. Bowls BC does not know the outcome of their deliberations, and we might not know for some time. Once we hear of the Bowls Canada position on the PSO submissions we will let you know, when we consider it appropriate to do so.” – Bowls BC Board

Bowls BC has two main concerns:

  1. The lack of consultation with the member organizations of BCB, namely the PSOs, during the entire review process,
  2. The resulting National Championship competition eliminations and format changes.

As a result of the above, Bowls BC urgently requests that any elimination of current championships and any format changes be suspended until 2025 and that the process for determining these decisions be revisited and include all the BCB members.

You can read the full letter that was sent to Bowls Canada here: 2023 – BOWLS BC – COMPETITION REPORT TO BOWLS CANADA 2

About Bowls BC

Bowls BC, is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in British Columbia. In partnership with Lawn Bowling Clubs across the Province, Bowls BC will facilitate the growth and development of an exceptional sporting community experience that is appealing, healthy and accessible to all – visit

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