COVID-19 & The Resumption of Lawn Bowling

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Board executives at the National, Provincial and District levels are working in coordination with their respective National and Provincial agencies to plan for the resumption of lawn bowling.

In BC coordination and control is through the provincial agency for amateur sport, ViaSport.

Resumption of play will be in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – practice and player development;
  • Phase 2- club games and inter club games;
  • Phase 3 – provincial and national level games.

No organization and its associated clubs may begin activities without a plan approved by ViaSport, the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Health.

Organizations must prove success at adhering to a phase’s guidelines before approval is given for the next phase. Permission will also depend on the state of the contagion and any subsequent ‘stay-at-home’ orders or health department restrictions.

Although municipalities and the province may open parks, that is for the general public and does not apply to lawn bowling clubs. Only clubs with plans approved through their provincial organization may commence operation.

ViaSport is serious about the process and has the authority to shut down any non-complying organization or club. Clubs should understand non-compliance has serious  consequences so should not open without approval.

Each club will be given a copy of the approved Phase plan and must sign that they will adhere to the conditions.

Your district and provincial boards are working hard together to restart the sport we all love. We will keep you informed through your club executives as information becomes available.

Be patient and stay healthy.

Thanks much,

Lynn Chwartacki
Director of Administration

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