This year Bowls BC has developed multiple Coaching Programs to help develop skills.

The effective delivery of community Bowls programs relies upon the recruitment, engagement, and  most importantly the ongoing development of coaches. Coaches play a major role in organizing Bowls participants, teaching the  skills and strategies, as well as improving athlete fitness and motivation to train and compete.

The Coach-Athlete relationship forms a key component in a participants rationale for starting and then continuing in the Sport of Lawn Bowls. The quality of coaching also contributes to a participants satisfaction with a persons overall Bowls experience and continued performance throughout their development.

Bowls Club Coach NCCP

Bowls Club Coach is designed to train coaches who will be working in a club environment with a wide range of beginner bowlers to introduce the basic skills of lawn bowls.


LTAD Alignment
Learn to Bowl:  Getting Started

Coach Accreditation Available
The highest level of accreditation for Bowls Club Coach is NCCP TRAINED.  Coaches can achieve this status by completing the one-day workshop:  Bowls Club Coach.

Workshop Outline
The goal of this workshop is to help prepare coaches to do some of the specific tasks required to introduce the sport to beginners within a club setting.

  • Setting the Scene for Coaching (30 minutes)
  • Facility/Equipment and Laws of the Game (45 minutes)
  • History/Hierarchy/Terminology (30 minutes)
  • Making Ethical Decisions as a club coach (60 minutes)
  • Safety and Emergency Action Planning (45 minutes)
  • Teaching the Basic Skills 30 minutes
  • Practice Coaching 1 emphasis on organization and set up to accomplish a goal (60 minutes)
  • Practice Coaching 2 emphasis on teaching skills to real participants and delivering effective communication/feedback (60 minutes)

Athlete & Coach Development Pathway

BCB Coach Development Model