Does Your Club Qualify For A viaSport Grant?

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One of Bowls BC strongest partners throughout the year is viaSport. The main purpose of viaSport is to help engage and unify British Columbians through the power of sport because it believes that the values and life skills developed via sport allow people to thrive for life. Their vision is to have an active, healthy British Columbia where sport inspires a field of possibilities for all. For everyone to thrive in sport, there are obstacles that need to be overcome to ensure quality sport experiences.

To help reduce some of those barriers viaSport administers close to $2 million dollars each year in over 10 different sport-related grant programs, funded by the Province of B.C., Government of Canada and individual foundations. These programs strive to:

  • Increase participation of under-represented groups
  • Develop grassroots sport in communities
  • Improve gender equity in participation, leadership and administration roles
  • Create opportunities in outlying and under-served areas of the province
  • Encourage regional, provincial, national and international event hosting across the province
  • Assist high school students with travel costs for attending provincial championships
  • Assist post-secondary athletes with training and competition costs

viaSport also provides approximately $400.000 in financial assistance annually to KidSport so that over 1,000 B.C. children can participate in community sport.

See if your Bowls Club would qualify for any of the Grants that are listed:

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to

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