George Cubiss Named Canada’s Chief Umpire

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Bowls BC member George Cubiss has been named Canada’s Chief Umpire and will be implementing and developing a team of qualified officials, to successfully officiate the multiple Canadian Championships throughout the year. Mr. Cubiss has been an integral part of the Bowls community in British Columbia and across Canada for over the past decade. Without his commitment to the sport, many events and competitions would have not taken place without his many hours of volunteer time.

When speaking with George he said, “I want to continue my officiating in my usual way and hopefully the bowlers will continue to enjoy their bowling”. “I have a good relationship with all the bowlers and I want that to continue and more so with my fellow umpires who I greatly respect”. “Being involved in bowling for 50 years I have seen, met and played against some of the nicest people in the sport”.

 George Cubiss - Maple Ridge, BC

George Cubiss – Maple Ridge, BC

Having been introduced to George, as he likes to be called, more then a decade ago now. It was great to learn a bit more about George and find out how he and his wife Joan came to be not only in Vancouver, but around the sport of lawn bowls. “I only played Crown Green Bowling until I came to Canada and joined Maple Ridge Lawn Bowling Club in 2003” he said. The question now came to when he decided to take on the responsibility to be such a great Umpire. “I took up the role of Umpire in 2006 because I was fed up of playing different rules every week” he mentioned.

Not only a great Umpire but always a tough opponent on the green, George has a trophy case full of District and Provincial Championships. Before lawn bowls, he played numerous sports, including Professional Rugby League for his hometown in the UK starting at the age 18 and remaining in the sport until he was 22. It was then at the tender age of 22 he joined the Police force. “I was a Police Officer for 31 years and then another 6 as a civilian doing the same work. The type of job where one learns a lot about people”.

I can personally say that it’s always a fantastic time stepping on the greens with George. He is a true gentleman of the Sport both on and off the greens. He is always the first person to thank everyone around him. “Thanks to the people I have played with I have won District and Provincial titles and have friends all over Canada and the states”.

The sport in our Country just got that much better. Congratulations George from everyone at Bowls BC and across Canada.

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