Grow Your Club

Connecting With Your Communities

One of the easiest things to do is connect with your local City Councillors and City representatives. Too often this is overlooked as to create a relationship with your City and keeping them informed of what is going on at your local lawn bowling Club, is most important to long term longevity.

Have you gone to introduce yourself to the local businesses, your neighbours that surround the Club. Most people think that Lawn Bowling Clubs are strictly private facilities, when it’s exactly the opposite. Everyone is welcome to experience a Lawn Bowling Club. The myth of needing to be a member, have insurance or no someone at the Club does not exist. Its a public facility and everyone member should know that all people are welcome on the grounds.


Attracting Youth

Different approaches to growing club membership have been initiated across the country.  Organizations such as schools, YMCA, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, etc. are often looking for new activities to try with their participants. Lawn Bowling is something that everyone can feel comfortable playing right away.  You can introduce lawn bowls in a gym, community centre or on the green.

Organizing children into small groups and setting up station activities to rotate through provides excitement and lots of opportunity.  Sample stations could include Singles games, Wedge Score, Sliders, Kounters, and Jack Throw. Have Bowls Club Coaches on hand to help teach the basic skills and provide support for the new participants.  Be sure to leave brochures for how to find your club!



The iLawn Bowl program is designed to introduce the sport of bowls to High School, Elementary students and people with Disabilities. By bringing specially designed lawn bowling equipment to each schools gym facilities, we can reach children who would otherwise not have access to try the Sport of Lawn Bowling.

We understand that it is difficult to arrange transportation to head off school grounds. What we do is bring everything to the kids – no field trip or school buses required! Bowls is a highly social sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime by children of all ages and abilities. It promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie, and is an inexpensive and safe alternative to many other sports.

Program Pamphlet: iLawn Bowl – Flyer


Here are a few tools that we developed to help share information about Lawn Bowling with people in your community.

Bowls BC Pamphlet: BBC-Flyer-Bowls101

Bowls BC Junior Pamphlet: BBC-Flyer-PlayBowls

Bowls BC Information Poster: BBC-Information_Poster

Junior Participation Info: BBC-OneSheet_Junior-Participation

Recreational Lawn Bowls: BBC-OneSheet_RecreationalLawnBowls

Bowls BC Gift Cards: BBC-GiftCard-10-Grass

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