Junior Development Funding Application

Junior Development Funding Application

The Program

Bowls BC provides affiliated clubs with funding for junior (ages 18 and under) programs initiated by the affiliated clubs. A few examples of junior program funding that Bowls BC may fund are:
    • Travel for juniors to participate in events/tournaments
    • Hiring of coaching specifically to benefit junior bowlers
    • Promotion and marketing costs directly targeted to potential junior bowlers
    • Equipment and supplies purchases for the benefit of junior bowlers
This list is not exhaustive and is simply provided to show examples of the types of programs Bowls BC intends on funding. All applications will be reviewed.


Clubs must meet the following requirements:
  • Complete an application (attached)
  • The event must be in line with the Strategic Plan of Bowls BC
  • Contain measurable objectives, examples:
    • Club will have a target number of new junior bowlers
    • A target number of junior bowlers will play in specific tournaments
    • A marketing initiative will generate a target number of new juniors
    • A marketing initiative will expose the sport of lawn bowls to a target number of non-bowlers
  • Preference given to programs that have funds matched from other sources
  • Provide good value to members
  • Intended to expand junior membership and develop the level of play of junior bowlers
Bowls BC will review all applications and decide the amount of funding based on funding available and other applications submitted. Bowls BC may offer full, partial, or deny funding, and any funding may be conditional.


For 2016 only:
  • Application must be submitted by July 30, 2016
  • Club will be notified by Aug 30, 2016
  • Club must provide proof of execution of the event by Sep 30, 2016
  • Bowls BC will issue payment to the club within 90 days of receiving proof the event was executed


Please provide at 3 key objectives your are trying to achieve, and identify the goals. Example: Generate 4 new junior memberships. Example: Have 40 people play bowls that have never played. Example: Have at least 20 existing members present and actively participate in the junior event.
Please provide your projected income statements (revenue/expenses) for this event. You may also upload a file.