Juniors & U25

Youth Lawn Bowling In BC

A pathway to success is to continue to develop younger Lawn Bowlers in British Columbia through Junior Bowls. New programs that involve skill development, social games with Provincial Championships helps meet their competitive needs and allows for a successful long-term involvement in the Sport of Lawn Bowls. This in turn delivers strength to the sport and ensures its viability for many years to come.

precillawestlake7_nSome of the major objectives of the developing Junior & Under 25 Lawn Bowls programs is
to provide a fun, safe and rewarding Lawn Bowling experience for younger participants. Clubs which provide a safe environment for members and visitors will create a more positive community image of the club.

BC Provincial Championships

Every year Bowls BC hosts a Provincial Championships for both Junior Bowlers (18 and under) and an Under 25 Championship. This is a great chance for players to be able to test their skills and compete to win a Provincial Championship title. It is a great stepping stone to the Canadian Championships that are held every year across the Country. To register please head to our online registration at

Travel Expense Forms:
Bowls BC Junior/U25 Travel Expense Form: BBC-FUN006 – Junior Travel Funding


Does your Club qualify for KidSport Financial Assistance?

KidSport offers financial assistance to children under 19 for registration of BBC and club programs. For more information, go to:
Assistance to junior may be available in your area for club registrations, event and coaching registrations. The applications vary by city/region (KidSport chapters). If you run or plan to run a junior program, your club should review the information on the KidSport website.

Some Tips For Creating A Junior & Under 25 Program

  • Make It Fun: They are kids don’t always see things the same way, get down to their level, laugh and have a great attitude to ensure enjoyment.
  • Not All Created Equally: Not all the Bowlers are going to have the same skill level, so treat everyone the same when it comes to learning and abilities.
  • The Family Can Do It: This is a Sport that anyone can play, so encourage family involvement and play together to find a great comfort level.
  • Encourage & Inspire: Teach what the Sport of Lawn Bowls has to offer, creating relationships and long lasting friendships.