Linda Ng Double Bronze Winner at the World Indoor Bowls Championships

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Linda Ng: BC’s Pride with Double Bronze at the World Indoor Bowls Championships

British Columbia’s own Linda Ng has triumphantly returned from the World Indoor Bowls Championships in Guernsey, adorned with not one, but two prestigious bronze medals, marking a significant achievement in her already impressive bowling career. Ng, who has been a consistent figure in the local and now international lawn bowling scene, demonstrated her exceptional skills and tenacity at the Championship, securing a bronze and another in the Mixed Pairs category alongside partner Mike McNorton.

Ng’s journey to the World Indoor Bowls Championships has been a remarkable story of passion meeting perseverance. A regular at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club, she has been honing her craft, proving that local platforms can indeed catapult talent onto the world stage.

Solo Success and Dynamic Duos

In the fiercely competitive environment of the World Indoor Bowls Championships, Ng stood out with her strategic play and precise deliveries. Her journey to the bronze medal was a testament to her hard work, dedication, and the countless hours of practice that are the hallmarks of her sporting ethos.

But Ng’s success didn’t just come in individual play. Teaming up with Mike McNorton, Ng showcased a remarkable synergy in the Mixed Pairs category. The duo’s coordination, understanding, and mutual support were apparent in each round they played, captivating audiences and exemplifying the spirit of partnership that bowls is known for. With the Championship medals now added to her collection, Ng’s focus remains steadfast on furthering her prowess in the sport and encouraging participation within the community.

As the BC Bowler community celebrates Linda Ng’s remarkable achievements, the spotlight now turns to the future events where Ng will undoubtedly continue to showcase the talent and determination that have become her signature. Keep an eye on the greens, for Linda Ng has shown that she is just getting started.

Congratulations for all of us in British Columbia and across the Country for you success on the International stage.

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