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No member(s) may enter a Major Bowls BC Championship if they have won a Major Bowls BC Championship within the same playing season. (i.e. Pairs – Triples - Fours). Tentative schedule of events for 2016 Championships and other information.

• First games of all events will commence at 10:00am, unless otherwise stated in the Event Conditions of Play.

• At the discretion of the club, we would like to host a welcoming event on the Friday. Timing to be determined

• Finals will be played on Sunday – time to be determined based on entries and timing of play.

• All correspondence will be sent to the skip and it is the responsibility of the skip to ensure that his/her team is informed of all updates.

• All singles players will be notified of event updates.
By checking the box below indicates that all bowlers on the entry form are prepared to compete in the National Championships and all the rules of play in the Guidelines will be adhered to.