Bowls BC Membership Recruitment Funding Program

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The Program

Bowls BC offers financial support to affiliated clubs for programs and events for the recruitment of new members. The typical funding available is $100/club and maximum funding available is $500 per club. If some clubs do not request a subsidy, the remaining funds in the budget may be disbursed to clubs that report multiple events. Therefore, please report on all of your membership recruitment events. OpenDay1

A few examples of acceptable programs and events are:

  • Hosting an open house or some other social event
  • Renting public space for demonstrations (mall, community center, etc.)
  • Running a drop-in league for the public that is intended to convert drop-in players to full members
  • Introductory coaching sessions


In order to apply for the grant, clubs must complete the Membership Recruitment Report on the Bowls BC website, available at: This report should be completed for every separate event your club hosts.

The event must be intended to specifically generate new memberships.

Data Collected

Bowls BC created a registration template for your club’s use at the event Your club does not need to use the form, but it is available to you if you like and captures the appropriate information.

OpenDay8The information about the individual participants that Bowls BC requires is the number of participants and their genders. No personal information is required by Bowls BC (i.e. names, contact info, etc.). This information gets compiled and reported to viaSport to show the efforts Bowls BC and clubs are making to generate new memberships.

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