Open House Events Attracting New Participants

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BowlsOpenHouse16With the 2016 Season now in full swing Clubs across the Province are engaging in new ways to share the Sport of Lawn Bowls and attract new participants to try out the Sport and get on the greens. This is something Bowls BC has been encouraging Clubs to do and even helping with funding the Open House events.

Most common have been Clubs now having Recreational Leagues once a week, which has been attracting a new audience. It’s simple, fun and its really easy to do, you just have to have the volunteers take the time to open your doors and share your Club with the Community.  No they don’t have to be a member to step on the green.  No they don’t have to take 10 coaching classes to roll a Bowl and Yes to the question about Insurance, they are covered and can get out on the greens to try out the Sport we all love. Get a Bowl in someones hands and let them be the judge of the Sport. Relax and let them have some fun, figure it out on their own and know that its a huge win to get a Bowl in someones hand and let them learn about the Sport and what it has to offer.

Kelowna Lawn Bowling Club Doing Their Part….

The only way for people to understand if they will like the Sport or not, is to give them the opportunity to try it out for themselves. To have people just walk through your doors and become a member without even trying the sport just doesn’t happen. Well I can say from experience, very rarely!

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