Open Nationals Player Agreement

General Information

Bowls BC recognizes that athletes participating in open national events do so at their own cost and may enter the event without winning a championship leading up to it. However, BC athletes participating in the open national championships can only do so if they are an affiliated member of Bowls. As such, athletes represent themselves, their home club and Bowls BC, and we expect them to do so with honor and pride.

Bowls BC is working towards increasing sponsorship for all levels of the sport, improving its image and brand in the eyes of the public, and ensuring we have the most professional athletes in the Canada. High-level and prestigious events, such as the National Championships, give BC athletes the chance to demonstrate our professionalism of athletes participating, as well as improve our public image of the sport.

Terms of the Agreement

  1. Athlete agrees to wear during the course of all play during the event above, either:
    1. Any Bowls BC Provincial shirt, or
    2. An official club shirt of the club they are representing
  1. Bowls BC will provide the Athlete with one Bowls BC Provincial shirt, if they do not have one already. Additional shirts may be purchased, availability permitting
  2. Any athlete failing to abide by the agreement are subject to a $50 fine
Shirts are reserved for players that do not already have either a club shirt or a Bowls BC shirt to wear.
A shirt will be delivered to you either at the event, or prior to it.