viaSport Funding, Reporting and Your Role

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Bowls BC continues to ensure that future and present funding remains in place. Over the past few years, Bowls BC has been developing and implementing new programs for our membership to be part of. In doing this BBC has had to develop new policies and procedures whi
ch could increase the funding base, which filters down to our community. The process requires many volunteer hours, but we also need the help of our membership in contributing important information to help with the overall success.

viasportbigOne of our major sources of funding, comes in the form of a partnership with viaSport. viaSport is tasked by the provincial government to be the lead agency responsible for promoting and developing amateur sport in British Columbia. In order for our Sport to maintain and increase funding, guidelines and criteria must be met. Status reports are filed and we are graded on our progress in a multitude of areas. Some of those areas include; Championship Results, New Sport Initiatives, Participation Levels, Hosting Events and Coaching & Athlete Development. This is where we need our Clubs and members to help report the activity around the Province.

Please have a look at Bowls BC’s Compliance Report: lawn-bowling-57f3eb15e23e0


With support from the Province of British Columbia, viaSport is leading the charge to strengthen B.C.’s amateur sport system. viaSport administers $14.6M of the Government’s sport investment to support:

  • 51  Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs)
  • 7  Disability Sport Organizations  (DSOs)
  • 2  Affiliated Sport Organizations
  • 12 Multi-Sport Organizations (MSOs)

viaSport’s purpose is to champion positive changes so that more British Columbians thrive via sport and physical activity by uniting leaders across sectors to:

  • Think Provincially to increase participation and performance
  • Foster excellence in order for all athletes to develop and improve their performance
  • Activate locally to enrich and energize communities
  • Leverage investment to maximize funding and revenue


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