World Visually Impaired Bowls Championships moves into second week….

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BlindBowlers_oThe International Bowls For The Disabled World Championships are taking place in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. The competition runs from February 16th through 27th, 2015 at the Hutt Bowling Club and Naenae Bowling Club. Competitors from all over the World have gathered in New Zealand to try and become this years World Champion.

British Columbia has 3 bowlers and 3 helpers over playing in the VI World Championships, along with Vivian Kwan from Alberta.


  • B1 Men’s Singles: Randy Fred  (Don Sherry)
  • B3 Men’s Singles: Al Hanet  (Vi Hanet)
  • B3 Mixed Pairs: Al Hanet (Vi Hanet) and Vivian Kwan (Marvin Kwan)
  • B3 Women’s Singles: Vivian Kwan (Marvin Kwan)
  • B4 Men’s Singles: David Ruckman (Dean Thompson)
  • B4 Mixed Pairs: David Ruckman (Dean Thompson) has also teamed up with a Woman from New Zealand for this event

Full Results:
Event Photos:

Congratulations on the success of the players so far as you are doing an amazing job representing our Province and our Country.

Here are some rules for people who are unaware of Visually Impaired Lawn Bowls

Conditions of Play

  1. There shall be a marker at the jack end, and two helpers at the mat end.
  2. The helper(s) shall lay the mat and assist with gathering-in etc. of woods for the player or players. They shall assist the lead player to have jack and bowl to hand in order to expedite play.
  3. The marker shall straighten the jack and inform the helper the distance of the jack from the mat.
  4. The jack must be delivered to a point not less than 70ft. from the front edge of the mat. If it is incorrectly delivered four (4) times, the helper of the first bowler shall inform the marker to place the jack to a length of former’s choice.
  5. When the jack comes to rest the marker shall indicate to the helper by means of signals, the distance of the jack from the mat.
  6. When the bowl comes to rest, the helper shall then inform the bowler where it has come to rest, using the clock system (see Coaching – 13 and 14)
  7. No bowls may be disturbed until the helpers have agreed shots .
  8. Players should stand well behind the jack or the mat in order not to interfere with play and observe silence.
  9. No mechanical or visible aids shall be permitted other than centring strings.
  10. If for any reason less than 5 ends are played, the game shall be null and void. otherwise the score reached will be the result.

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