Mission Statement


Bowls BC has recently accomplished a new Policies & Procedures Manual.

Review the Manual is currently taking place.

Our Vision

A thriving healthy Sport of Bowls.

Our Values

  1. Teamwork – growth of the Sport of Bowls by working together
  2. Inclusion – a sport for all
  3. Fun – a sport that has something for everyone
  4. Change and Innovation – a respect for tradition and openness to a new future
  5. Sportsmanship – tolerance, respect and fair play
  6. Improvement – through education and learning

Our Mission

Bowls BC, in partnership with bowls clubs, will facilitate the growth and development of an exceptional sporting community experience that is appealing, healthy and accessible to all. Our Mission will be achieved based on the following principles:

  • Service: To the sport, our clubs and members, our stakeholders.
  • Integrity: All our interactions will be based on responsibility to our members and conducted with the utmost transparency.
  • Learning: Things can always be improved.