What is Bowls?

Bowls is a strategic, challenging and fun sport that can be enjoyed by anyone.  It is played on a large smooth grass surface called a “green”.  Lawn bowls are large, hard resin balls with a bias to them, so that they travel along an elliptical path, rather than going straight. The object of the game is to roll your bowls closer to the target than your opponents. The target is a small white ball called a “jack”.  The jack is rolled the length of the green to start each end. Players from each team taking turns rolling their bowls down the green toward the jack until all the bowls have been played.

how_to_guide-1Bowls involves offensive and defensive strategy. An added  challenge is theJack or target may be displaced within the confines of the rink by the movement of any bowl.

Who Can Play

Everybody can play the game of Lawn Bowls!  It is a low impact game that is extremely accessible and great for any age.

One of the best parts about the sport is that anyone can play no matter their skill level. You don’t have to be able to jump high or run fast to enjoy the sport. It is all hand eye coordination and allows everyone to start at the same level.  Local clubs have all the equipment required to get you started.

Many corporations are accessing their local lawn bowls clubs to host corporate social events and team building sessions as the game is very quickly picked up.  Bowls charity functions are also increasing in popularity.  Designed to get people out on the green enjoying the sunshine, they are a unique way to raise money for your favourite charity.

Don’t wait another day to start making new friends while learning a fun new activity.BBC-Poster_Generic