BC Provincial Fours Championships….

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BC Provincial Fours: A Weekend of Thrilling Bowls at North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club

The BC Provincial Fours, held last weekend at the North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club (North Van LBC), was a spectacular event, showcasing top-tier lawn bowling talent and thrilling matches. The two-day tournament brought together some of the best bowlers in the province, competing for the prestigious title in both the men’s and women’s categories. The competition was fierce, the atmosphere electric, and the skill on display simply remarkable.

 Women’s Competition

In the women’s category, the team of Zoe Chan, Sarina Mak, Marie Taylor, and Gigi Chan emerged victorious, clinching the gold medal with their outstanding performance. The quartet demonstrated remarkable synergy and tactical brilliance throughout the tournament. Their journey to the top was marked by a series of hard-fought matches, where their precision and teamwork shone through.

Zoe Chan’s strategic acumen, combined with Sarina Mak’s consistent delivery, while Marie Taylor replaced Josephine Lee used her experience and touch, along with Gigi Chan’s resilience, proved to be an unbeatable combination. Each match showcased their exceptional skill and determination, culminating in a well-deserved championship win. Their victory is a testament to their dedication to the sport and their ability to perform under pressure. Congrats to Jenny Siu, Rainbow Lung, Lisa Cheung and Anita Lee for making the Finals. The Bronze Medal was awarded to Mary Ann Gillies, Cheryl Young, Jenny Wong and Judy Lawson.

Men’s Competition

The men’s category was equally thrilling, with the team of Kin On Lau, Gonzo Wong, Alex Kwok, and Patrick Sum taking home the gold medal as they just edged out the Team of Ryan Pollard, Auzzie Chambers, Ron Mattinson and James Chen in the Finals. Their journey through the tournament was nothing short of spectacular, with each player bringing their unique strengths to the fore. Kin On Lau’s leadership and strategic thinking, Gonzo Wong’s powerful shots, Alex Kwok’s precision, and Patrick Sum’s consistency were instrumental in their success.

The final match was a nail-biter, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. The team’s ability to remain composed under pressure and execute their game plan flawlessly led them to a memorable victory. Their win is a reflection of their hard work, dedication, and the high level of competition at the BC Provincial Fours. The Bronze Medal was awarded to Team George Sitt, Tom Berridge, Richard Poon and David Poon.

Congratulations to all the Teams that participated in the event!


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