Clarification on 2024 Canadian Indoor Championships Venue

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Vancouver, BC, June 19, 2024 – Bowls BC wishes to address recent misinformation regarding the hosting of the 2024 Canadian Indoor Championships, which was released from Bowls Canada Boulingrin. Contrary to previous reports, Bowls BC has not signed any contracts stating that the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club (PIBC) would host the Championships.

Bowls BC became aware that Bowls Canada directly reached out to PIBC, expressing interest in having them host the Championships. With the PIBC being a part of a Provincial Sports Organization (PSO), they appropriately informed Bowls Canada that they would only sign the event agreement if it was co-signed by Bowls British Columbia.

At this time, Bowls BC has officially communicated to Bowls Canada their decision to decline the offer to hold the Championship. This decision aligns with Bowls BC’s prior statement regarding non-participation in the 2024 Major Championships. This stance is due to ongoing concerns about the lack of involvement in decision-making, event rule changes, notifications, and comprehensive information related to the event. To date, these concerns have not been adequately addressed or discussed in depth, and no mutually agreeable terms have been established.

Bowls BC remains committed to ensuring transparent and collaborative processes in all future events and looks forward to constructive dialogue with Bowls Canada and other stakeholders.

Thank you for your time and interest.


Harry Carruthers

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