Linda Ng and Auzzie Chambers Earn National Team Status

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Celebrating Excellence: Linda Ng & Auzzie Chambers Make Team Canada

In a thrilling announcement for the British Columbia and Canadian Lawn bowling community, Linda Ng and Auzzie Chambers have officially earned their spots on Team Canada. Their selection is a testament to their hard work, dedication and the spirit of excellence that they bring to the sport.

Linda Ng, known for her strategic precision and calm demeanor on the greens, has been a standout figure in the lawn bowling scene for past couple years. With new national titles under her belt, Linda’s approach to the game combines deep technical skill with an unmatched mental focus. Her journey to Team Canada was marked by exceptional performances winning back to back Canadian Indoor titles, where she displayed not only mastery over the bowls but also an inspiring level of sportsmanship.

Auzzie Chambers, has been an equally impressive talent and has made his way has through the lawn bowling circuits with his dynamic play style and infectious enthusiasm. Auzzie’s rise in the sport has been meteoric, characterized by his swift adaptability and aggressive tactics that has had him a medallist at multiple Canadian Championships. His selection to Team Canada highlights the evolving landscape of lawn bowling, where youthful energy and innovative strategies are increasingly coming to the forefront.

The inclusion of both Linda and Auzzie on Team Canada is particularly significant as it represents a blend of experience and new perspectives. This combination is expected to enhance the team’s performance in international competitions, where they will face seasoned bowlers from around the world. Their coaches and teammates have expressed immense pride and confidence in their abilities to contribute to Team Canada’s success.

As they prepare to represent Canada on the global stage, Linda Ng and Auzzie Chambers carry not only their hopes and dreams but also the aspirations of their fellow countrymen. The lawn bowling community across Canada will be eagerly watching and supporting them as they strive to bring home international honours.

Congratulations, Linda and Auzzie, on your well-deserved spots on Team Canada!

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