Updated: Covid FAQ’s For BC Bowls Clubs

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New Information Received From Bowls Canada regarding the 2021 Season.

Hello Bowls BC Board of Management:

Lynn recently attended a Bowls Canada hosted Webinex put on by the Bowls Canada lawyer.  It was basically identical to the Webinex that the same lawyer held last year.  I reviewed the Webinex the other day. There are a couple of points raised in the Webinex that the clubs should be aware of.  These are detailed below.

District Directors:  Could you please forward this email to your member Clubs.  Thank you.

New highlights from Bowls Canada Webinex: These questions were asked and discussed.

  1. Do we need to have new Waivers signed this year or can we use last year’s Waivers as there is no expiry date on them?   Every club should have new Waivers signed by all members as they register for the 2021 season (or at another time required by the club).  New Waivers must be signed before a member is permitted to bowl in this summer season.  All Waivers and Medical Screening Forms should be kept indefinitely.  Scanning is acceptable.  Final duration of maintaining all forms will be decided once the pandemic is over and the possibility of lawsuits has gone.
  2. Can we require members to inform the club whether or not they have been vaccinated.  NO.  Vaccinations are considered a medical procedure and are considered confidential under the Human Rights legislation.  You cannot make a person tell you whether or not they have been vaccinated and you cannot make vaccinations a requirement for any activity.  It is possible to include, on your registration form, the question about a vaccination, BUT, you must also state, in writing next to the question, that the answer to that question is ‘voluntary only’.  There can be no negative ramifications for failing to disclose any medical information.
  3. Are we going to be able to bowl in 2021?  Each province has different health and safety standards, requirements and restrictions.  There is no one answer to that question.  The Provincial Sport Organization (Bowls BC) will inform clubs of that determination in conjunction with provincial health authorities.  NOTE from Bowls BC.  It is anticipated that bowls will be allowed to continue in 2021 under the Phase 2 Guidelines prepared and submitted in 2020, providing they include any current amendments required by the PHO and viaSport (e.g. 3-metre physical distancing rule while on the greens).
  4. Can clubs require that members wear masks?  Yes, it will be seen as an increase in the club’s due diligence.  It is entirely up to the club whether or not, and where, masks might be required, if at all.

 Other notes from  Bowls BC:

  1. Personal bubbles:  While families and friends might have personal ‘bubbles’, there are NO provisions in the Guidelines for ‘bubbles’.  ALL bowlers, whether family members or not, MUST maintain the physical distancing requirements while on club property.
  2. Can appointed monitors bowl while on duty?  There is no restriction that prevents monitors from bowling, provided that they are capable of performing their monitor duties effectively while bowling.  In some instances, we have found that playing monitors are less effective in watching the other rinks during their game.  As long as the club can ensure that the monitors continue to effectively perform their assigned duties, they can play.
  3. Recruitment.  While some people state that every instance of people attending the bowling club can be considered recruitment, this is not always the case for insurance and liability purposes.  We have stated that clubs can actively advertise for the purpose of recruitment, however, that does not include groups, such as school classes, etc.  If club advertising results in a person phoning or otherwise contacting the club with an expressed interest in trying the sport for possible membership, that person may be invited to the club for a demonstration and trial.  All the protocols required of members will be applicable to the potential recruit.  They must register for a session in advance, they have to be made aware of the Guideline requirements/restrictions, they have to be under the direction or supervision of a club official (presumably a coach), they must sign the club Waiver and Medical Screening form and they must abide by all the Guideline sanitization and distancing requirements.

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